Our Story

In 2011, AI DinoTech Team was founded with a simple mission: build the jurassic park dinosaur and bringing art and science to children.

We started AI DinoTech CO. because we have been working in the dinosaur manufacturing industry and engaged in development work for some years. We know that under the original structure, dinosaurs manufactured in batches will have defects such as unscientific form and uncoordinated movements. This is something we can't solve if we have been working in the previous company. This is why we left our former company 10 years ago and set up a dinosaur company, dedicated to using advanced technology and management methods to commercialize Jurassic Park-level dinosaurs.

"AI" represents three meanings:

· All In: we have always insisted on in the past and the future, go all out, raising the bar with each new project.

· Animatronic Innovation: We are now doing it, leading the innovation of the theme park dinosaur manufacturing industry

· Artificial Intelligence: In the next step, we hope to add artificial intelligence technology to the existing dinosaur manufacturing to create a truly perfect realistic dinosaur.