#AI-IB05 Animatronic Giant Mantis For Theme Park

In ancient Greece, people regarded the praying mantis as a prophet. Because the mantis raised its forearms like a praying girl, it was also called a prayer bug. In addition to the polar regions, praying mantises are widely distributed all over the world, especially in tropical regions. More than 2,000 kinds are known in the world. The giant animatronic mantis we made is the Chinese mantis.

  • Model: AI-IB05
  • Size: Giant Size or Customized
  • Sound: Sound of insects or Customized
  • Movements Selection: According to the characteristics of insects, Mouth open and close; Eyes blink; Head up and down,left to right; Neck up and down,left to right; Forelimbs move; flapping wings, shaking tentacles; Front body up and down, left to right; Water spray; Smoke spray; Customized Action
  • Work at: Theme Park, Leisure & Zoo, Insect Exhibition, Museum, Hospitality, Mall, Movie Props, Etc.



Show Case: Natural insect vs animatronic bugs

animatronic giant bugs show