#AI-IB15 Animatronic Giant Dragonfly For Zoo

Dragonflies are carnivorous insects. They prey on a variety of pests such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths. Dragonflies are an important type of insects that are beneficial to humans. Dragonfly is also a very popular insect for children, but it should be the first time for many children to see such a big dragonfly.

  • Model: AI-IB15
  • Size: Giant Size or Customized
  • Sound: Sound of insects or Customized
  • Movements Selection: According to the characteristics of insects, Mouth open and close; Eyes blink; Head up and down,left to right; Neck up and down,left to right; Forelimbs move; flapping wings, shaking tentacles; Front body up and down, left to right; Water spray; Smoke spray; Customized Action
  • Work at: Theme Park, Leisure & Zoo, Insect Exhibition, Museum, Hospitality, Mall, Movie Props, Etc.



Show Case: Natural insect vs animatronic bugs

animatronic giant bugs show