#AI-AS20 Life Size Animatronic Parasaurolophus

Parasaurolophus’ crested skull makes this a distinctive dinosaur within Jurassic World. It’s name means ‘Near Crested Lizard’. They are able to move on two, or four legs.

  • Model: AI-AS20
  • Size: Life Size or Customized
  • Sound: Dinosaur roaring and breathing sounds or Customized
  • Movements Selection: Mouth open and close; Eyes blink; Head up and down,left to right; Neck up and down,left to right; Forelimbs move; Chest raises and falls to mimic breathing; Tail sway; Front body up and down, left to right; Water spray; Smoke spray; Customized Action (Note:)
  • Work at: Theme Park, Zoo, Exhibition, Museum, Public Space, Hospitality, Mall, Stage Shows, Movie Props, Etc.

How was our life size dinosaur born and participated in Business events?

life size animatronic dinosaur design

Step 1: Design

Our professional designers need to complete the following points:

1. A scientifically based dinosaur body scale

2. Restore the external details of dinosaurs from dinosaur bones

3. Make dinosaur design drawings based on the above two points

life size animatronic dinosaur Mechanical and electrical

Step 2: Mechanical and electrical

Our technician and engineers need to complete the following points:

1. Convert dinosaur design drawings into equal-scale mechanical drawings

2. Complete mechanical and electrical production according to mechanical drawings

3. Complete all tests

life size dinosaur Shape making

Step 3: Body shape and skin texture

Our artisans need to complete the following points:

1. Research the design drawings and real skin texture data of dinosaurs

2. Complete the dinosaur body and skin manufacturing on this basis

3. Convert the completed work into a picture, and compare it with the design drawings by professional software

life size dinsoaur Packaging for show

Step 4: Packaging, transportation and Show

We generally use container shipping to deliver products to terminals around the world and help our customers complete the installation