#AI-SS52 Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Sale

The visible leg realistic dinosaur costume has the characteristics of more flexible control, and is generally used in scenes that focus more on the upper body of the dinosaur. If you need a full-body camouflage scene, you can choose our realistic hide-legged dinosaur costume.

  • Model: AI-SS52
  • Size: 3-6 Meters, the height of costume can according to the performer’s height(1.65m to 2.1m).
  • Sound: Dinosaur roaring or Customized
  • Movements Selection: Eyes blinking automatically, mouth open and close synchronized with sound, head moving flexibly(nodding, wiggling, looking up and down-left to right, etc.), tails waggling when running and walking, etc.
  • Work at: Stage Shows, Theme Park Parade, Dinosaur Exhibition, Museum, Business Party, Children’s Agency, Movie Props, Etc.

Show Case: Dinosaur Live Show

Dinosaur Live Show