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 "The AI DinoTech team makes the impossible Dinosaur look easy."


- Don Lessem

Realistic Stage Dinosaur Costume

The realistic dinosaur costume was a brilliant idea developed by Stan Winston, who appeared in several scenes in the Jurassic Park movie as an alternative to movie special effects.  Humans inside dinosaur costumes use mechanical and electrical switches to control the walking, head and tail movements of dinosaurs. We commercialized this technology and used it in scenarios that required realistic dinosaur performances.

Work At:

  • Stage Shows
  • Exhibition & Museum
  • Business Party

  • Theme Park
  • Children's Agency
  • Movie Props

Why buy dinosaur costume from us?

  • You are dealing with a real producer with over ten years' experience in this industry.
  • You will get an unique dinosaur costumes differing from that bought from other options.
  • You will get a light weight dinosaur costume with more flexible movement, more simple and easier operation.
  • Customization available: the species, size, color, function, appearance, visible leg or hidden leg can be customized according to your desire.
  • We are focusing on one-stop services from pre-design service, order, production, transportation to after sale service.

Dinosaur Live Show